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The role of Artificial Intelligence is Changing Media & Communications

Artificial Intelligence is Changing Media & Communications

The role of Artificial Intelligence is Changing Media & Communications

In today’s time, when the pandemic has confined us to our homes, mental fatigue is rampant. At times like these, when human-to-human connections are limited, one source of relaxation that can cut across all geographies and age groups is “media and entertainment”. Leveraging the widespread use of digital technology and increased speed of data access, content can be made accessible to millions of homes via new-age media for entertainment as well as disseminating information.

The industry is coming up with innovative ways to create digital media for consumption by people from diverse demographics that make up audiences. This is where advancements in artificial intelligence algorithms can observe human cognitive abilities and interests in order to help media companies create engaging content.

The untapped potential of AI in multiple spheres!

AI is set on the path to revolutionizing the different ways in which we consume media and communicate online. For instance, when online video streaming has become a prominent mode of watching movies and TV shows, it is imperative that these websites have different genres of content for all kinds of audiences. Self-learning systems can observe a viewer’s interests based on content personalization and recommendation. This implies the usage of personal and predictive data to recommend what the audience would like to watch. This type of optimization of vast libraries of content catalogs is crucial for a business to keep customers hooked. The better the AI, the more personalized the recommendations. Obviously, an increase in digital interactivity is the direct benefit of simplifying the decision-making process on the viewer’s part, since it enhances the watching experience tremendously.

The hyper-personalized marketing of today mandates creators of content to have the ability to figure out specific touch-points that can attract multiple customers based on their preferences. The ultimate aim is to generate a large amount of content with a high click-through rate. This is where AI acts as a non-tangible channel of communication between the content creators and consumers. It optimizes the process of choosing what to make by identifying compelling topics. Machine learning codes analyze human behaviors online to look for patterns and recommend things that should be covered in blogging, advertising, and other forms of content.

AI can detect gaps in a brand’s marketing and suggest ways to improve it. For instance, AI can survey the public relations and branding strategies of the most successful companies in any industry. It can test which advertisements bring the best audience reception. The power of social media can increase manifold if backed by AI. Media companies can capitalize on this data by creating personalized content such as custom testimonials and other relevant posts to generate audience traffic.

Know the latest trends, updated and  analyzed in real-time

Interesting research by Global Web Index indicates that at least 53% of the population of the world now uses social networking sites. New media trends are constantly fluctuating on these sites. These trends impact photo sharing and video sharing online.


A manual analysis of a user’s past habits and the current prevailing trends is incapable of real-time prediction in any substantive way, because of the vast amount of content and the resource power that would take. Not only can AI predict the longevity of trends and assist companies in planning what is good for long-time investments in marketing, but also it can create cognitive simulations of micro-segment demographics and estimate how much money should be spent in creating content for specific audiences.

Like a human understands -AI is getting there!

Today’s AI systems can scan through multiple human-written documents and web pages in a short span of time with the use of natural language processing technology. Similarly, AI can also be fed audio and video footage.

These samples provide symbiotic knowledge to the algorithms since they can leverage sentiment analysis and identify common patterns of language that humans use based on the tone and delivery of the content. These systems can be of invaluable importance to many behind-the-scenes media personnel – be it editors, communication coaches, and public speakers, by predicting what gestures, speech rate, and tone of voice would most engage an audience.

For the adrenaline rush!

Can there be any entertainment without games? The online version of e-sports and video games has enticed and enraptured sports enthusiasts and those who like to compete and challenge. Video games dominate the entertainment market due to their accessibility, playability, and the sheer spectrum of choices available. Today they are not only played for leisure but are also played professionally. In 2020, the global e-sports industry was estimated to be worth 1.08 billion dollars  and it continues to grow exponentially.  All this comes backed with AI tools that support e-sports broadcasting, with its cutting-edge technology that helps players train their muscle memory and coordination.

The boundary between the real and the virtual worlds is fast diminishing with the advent of an almost magical technology coined as augmented and virtual reality. AI is enabling the creation of hitherto unheard-of experiences. VR has been used to create virtual theme parks, museums, concerts, and art galleries. AR is partially immersive and incorporates virtual elements as an overlay onto the real world. This is by far the most impactful facet of AI that can let people forget that they are disconnected and physically confined in reality. Digital twins and virtual avatars can be made to “enter” a Matrix-like virtual world, that can defy the laws of physics and nature. Such gaming and entertainment content is the future. And the future is here already!

Have you leveraged these powerful AI tools and technologies for your entertainment business? If you are a media services organization, we at Techminds can help bring technological innovations, both for the smart creation of content and to grow your outreach.


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