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Software Inventory and Integration Services

We offer you- competitive pricing, configuration, customization, installation of IT products- all these as per your specifications.

Software Inventory and Integration Services

Any organization prioritizes expanding its business to emerge as a leading name in the industry. It is all about investing and specializing in a specific product or service. This gives a company its edge, enabling it to remain ahead in the market. With such a market presence, a business becomes among the first choices of customers while they make a strategic purchase decision. Therefore, it is essential for a company to partner with the best names in the industry to elaborate their business.

Techminds Group is the name you’re looking for while seeking end-to-end solutions for end-user customers. We make your enterprise widespread, creating more profitably prospects by delivering technology along with value-added services. When you partner with us, we broaden your business prospects on your behalf. Our job is to leverage on the potential scope of growth opportunities in turn enabling your undertakings to grow, immensely.


Collaborate to Elaborate

Upon collaborating with us, we offer you- competitive pricing, configuration, customization, installation of IT products- all these as per your specifications. We understand that ever client has a variety of requirements as per the company targets. It is thus our responsibility to work in tandem with these to offer the best to you.

We, Techminds Group, are authorized resellers in the global market. We present to you, a wide range of products together with services as listed below:

EDI Solutions:

For connecting or exchanging data seamlessly with optimum cost efficiency. Reduces manual data entries; streamlines business communications like purchase orders, advance ship notices, invoices, increases business efficiency, saves time with EDI Integration. We offer robust, feature-rich, hassle-free integrations with all of the top accounting as well as ERP systems.


A reliable, scalable e-commerce solution certified for integration with on-premise and cloud-hosted Dynamics ERP and SAP systems help distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers succeed by fostering lasting relationships with customers who depend on them. Using the existing data and logic stored in your Microsoft Dynamics or Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, making your ERP and e-commerce work as a unified solution. So, customers benefit from a convenient, reliable and constantly evolving online experience, and gives you the agility to quickly respond to their evolving needs.

Payment Processing:

For simplified customer payments with our turnkey solution, built directly inside the ERP systems. Aids customers to prioritize the scaling up of their business, reduces hassles concerning payments of all types- credit cards, gift cards, debit cards, cheques, electronic transfers etc. Our smooth integrated solutions securely process chip card payments in stores in addition to conveniently managing your retail operations.

IT infra components:

For the guaranteed reach into the technology market. We offer a feasible one-stop sourcing solution for your traditional IT infrastructure set up. These include the usual hardware & software components, data centers, servers, networking hardware desktop computers, enterprise application software etc. We digitize business to make it accessible to the world to pick you as the top name.

Technology Focus:

  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • SAP
  • QuickBooks

Whom we are partnered with:

  • True Commerce
  • SANA Commerce
  • Charge Logic
  • HP Enterprises
  • Lenovo
  • Lanham Associates
  • Ebiz
  • Century Business Solutions

So, your business endeavors can now be elaborated with the perfect collaboration with Techminds Group. We do not just offer you solutions; rather, we offer you a way to maximize your enterprise. Our partnership guarantees a way to scale up your reach into the market, ensuring a global customer-base for your business. All you have to do is get in touch with today!

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