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Cognitive Services

Enable rich user experience, Extract deeper Insights, Accelerate Productivity.

Cognitive Services

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in websites and apps is a powerful trend and it is becoming increasingly prominent these days. One such example would be through chatbots that interact with web visitors. These are automated software agents that can talk in the natural language of the user when he wants to ask something, learn about sales and support. The AI models used in Cognitive services have been growing rapidly. As the cognitive services are available in discrete components, it is easy for Azure developers to use in the existing apps. This, in turn, helps the businesses to accelerate the development of intelligent applications for quick go-to-market.

How it works

Keeping your eye on the ball while performing a deep dive on the start-up mentality to derive convergence on cross-platform integration.

Enable rich user experiences with Decision Services.
Extract deeper insights from any kind of content quickly with Vision Services
Accelerate productivity with Immersive Reader for receipt understanding.
Enable quick, safe, custom search on world-wide-web with Web Search
Build intelligent chatbots using powerful APIs add remove

We are well-versed in developing a chatbot by integrating cognitive services APIs in order to personalize the experience of the users.  A chatbot with cognitive computing APIs brings a certain level of intelligence in communication like understanding the user’s requirements depending on their past communication, recommendations provided and more.  Besides, if you build an intelligent chatbot with powerful APIs, it constantly keeps learning, enhancing, and becoming smarter.

Ideal Cognitive Solutions add remove

With Cognitive services we assist organizations in creating insights to reduce rates, improve productivity, boost income and enhance customer support.  We have carefully researched the existing market trends, products and business processes based on which can suggest you the best cognitive solution for your business domain.  At Techminds, we have experienced in participating cognitive APIs of all the key cognitive service providers.

Why Choose us for Cognitive Services?

We will design a fail-proof cognitive approach for you by recognizing your target customers. After that, we will decide where to start and how to execute the proper cognitive service API to move your business. We have developed our cognitive business solutions using speech, language analytics and computer vision.


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