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Artificial Intelligence & IoT

Backed with big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, IoT is helping to create a technology-driven system

Artificial Intelligence & IoT Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a constellation of technologies that allows machines to sense, comprehend, act and learn in order to extend human capabilities. In fact, our clients see the greatest gains when humans and machines work together to complement each other's strengths. As the potential of AI grows every day, so does corporate pressure to use it. But in the rush to implement AI-powered solutions without a larger vision and strategy in place, initiatives often remain siloed with limited ROI potential.

The world in now interconnected. People are communicating like never before. Smartphones are the new power tools, empowering one and all. Innovations of just yesterday are basic expected services today - that’s the speed of change. IoT or the Internet of Things is at the helm of connecting inanimate objects over this embedded sea of interconnectivity

Seamless merging of AI and Internet of things (IOT) for holistic growth

Backed with big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, IoT is helping to create a technology-driven system. This can only mean better business, staying ahead of the curve and getting a competitive edge. IoT connectivity churns out volumes of business-relevant data, with AI software that provides meaningful and actionable analysis. It all begins with a strong AI strategy that empowers you to invest in the right systems, build responsible practices, and prepare your business and your people for tomorrow.

What We Offer?
Autonomous Intelligence add remove

This technology applies intelligence toward data volume, costs, security, responsiveness and connectivity to provide a superior experience to customers. It is a sophisticated technology that goes beyond clearly defined inputs and outputs or mimicking of human decisions, but rather creates autonomous algorithmic inputs that work independently of human intervention. From anticipatory information to suggestions toward optimizing efficiency, this technology is a boon for any enterprise.

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The ability to detect anomalies in the volumes of data of the organization is another distinguishing feature of our AI IoT software solutions. The IoT platform serves as the perfect foundation upon which AI uses machine learning-based analytics toward pattern identification and highlights anomalies through sensors. The accuracy and remedial actions of the technology have proven to be drastically superior to traditional methods.

Predictive Analytics add remove

We offer AI IoT software solutions that leverage machine learning for predictive capabilities on popular platforms to reduce risks, increase efficiency and boost the organizations overall revenue. Our pattern identification features allow companies to reap value through the intelligent analysis of volumes of data that are streamlined and utilized toward making predictions for greater profit. Traditional intelligence tools are replaced with highly accurate and intelligent systems for superior performance.

It has never been more disruptive!

What one needs is an expert that can help the business use cutting edge technologies like AI and IoT as a key differentiator. Techminds combines domain in-depth knowledge with experience for AI & IoT inherited digital transformation. Our AI services and ML solutions help drive competitive advantage and generate positive outcomes for your business. We design and develop AI-powered mobile applications, AI-specific solutions, and intelligent data, in an effort to help you build highly scalable and cost-effective digital products & solutions and reduce labor & infrastructure costs significantly. We have the expertise and ability to strategize and execute artificial intelligence services, integrated with cognitive technology to support your legacy business applications and provide a full spectrum of services including User Behaviour Analytics, Advanced Business Analytics, Big Data Analytics, NLP, Deep Learning, and more.

How we do it:

We analyze and understand data that includes images, audio, video and unstructured text.


Our problem-solving methods involve suitable planning, reasoning, inference and simulations to get desired results.


We utilize machine learning processes for improving subject-matter expertise and meeting the objectives of your applications and system.


Beneficial for developing next-generation interfaces like chatbots that can interact with end users.

Technology Focus:



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