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AI-based chatbots: Creating personalized customer journeys

Building unique customer journeys with AI-based Chatbots

AI-based chatbots: Creating personalized customer journeys

Retail consumer journeys have become more complex, thanks to technology. Furthermore, it has opened up a plethora of possibilities for companies to increase customer loyalty and encourage them to buy more. Chatbots are a great example of this.

Chatbots have progressively been used to support retailers in dealing with consumers, improving productivity, and other tasks in recent years. Chatbots are becoming an integral element of many retailers’ processes as they get more powerful when Artificial Intelligence is included.

What are AI chatbots for retail?

Chatbots are text- or voice-based interfaces that offer help and link human users to the services or information they require by mimicking a regular person-to-person dialogue.

Text-based chatbots are commonly used to deliver customer care and engagement on websites and social media channels. While Voice-based chatbots are commonly utilized for call diversion and filtering as well as over-the-phone customer assistance.


A chatbot is frequently regarded as among the most developed and potential forms of human-machine communications. These are a few key statistics that show the significance of chatbots:

  • Potential to cut operational expenses by up to 30%.
  • 64% of internet users believe that the major advantage of chatbots is their 24/7 availability.
  • In an emergency, 37% of people use a bot to receive quick responses.
  • 80% of common queries can be answered by chatbots.

Some ways AI can improve the customer experience

Retail chatbots are specifically intended to handle queries about retail like production inquiries, refunds, etc. Chatbots for retail are most fruitful when they are used to communicate personally with consumers to enrich the customer experience. The reasons for this are:

 1. 24/7 customer support

AI chatbots can deliver customer care 24/7, which human customer service personnel cannot. This guarantees that your consumers will receive support even if their demands pop up beyond the working hours. Lengthy hold durations and waiting periods were rated by over 60% of people as the most unpleasant aspect of customer service experience. Chatbots solve this problem by giving your consumers the impression that they are interacting with a live operator at all time

 2. Streamlining customer journey

If you incorporate a chatbot, it can appear on the product page your consumers are viewing and offer more details, video material, or discount coupons. Chatbots help customers learn more about the item they would like to buy, the mode of payment they prefer to use, and how they prefer it delivered. They can enhance the consumer experience and potentially reduce shopping cart abandonment percentages if they are implemented correctly.

 3. Ensure customer satisfaction

Up to 63% of consumers want businesses to understand their specific demands and requirements. Although some chatbots are created to resemble a human interaction seamlessly, others are built with AI to allow computers to do mundane and recurring operations such as statistics and data searches. As a result, they are programmed to deliver tasks that boost the probability of success toward achieving particular targets can lead to greater customer satisfaction.

 4. Make the process error-free

Since there is no human involvement, chatbots remove human errors if designed appropriately. Chatbots can be relied on to always provide appropriate responses to customers. It not only eliminates the fear of mistakes being made, but also ensures that consumers are content. Retailers, unlike consumers, have quite a real challenge. When it comes to configuring new chatbots and applications, one might run into certain challenges.

 5. Enhance customer service with live chat

Chatbots are very simple to integrate within your business’s website or apps. You can incorporate FAQs and solutions to common questions that the chatbot will present to consumers at the appropriate moment. The responses should be closely related to the kind of queries that your clients may pose. Several chatbots use natural language processing techniques to evaluate questions and provide appropriate replies. The answers should not be pushed and ought to flow freely. Keeping them keyword-rich and optimized is also essential.

 6. Create a brand personality

Chatbot’s versatility helps you connect with customers at several stages. Chatbots can be a valuable asset for customers seeking technical help, managed services, or sales trends. Diverse conversational styles can also be programmed into chatbots. Like professional, technical, detailed, amusing, sarcastic, or kind. It’s an excellent method to develop brand personality and keep people coming back to engage with your brand.

 7. Stay sociable and agreeable

As shown in a research, the main advantages of chatbots are the inherent politeness and attentiveness, as was stated by 32% of consumers. Customers are generally hesitant to contact customer care for assistance, and if offered the choice, they might gladly engage with chatbots to meet specific requests. It will also help you cut down on the number of hours your customer service representatives spend on calls and responding to emails.

 8. An effective sales tool

Chatbots may be an effective sales and marketing solution for e-commerce companies. You can leverage it to customize consumer experiences, all while providing support. Customers may get buying recommendations from them and help them make purchase decisions.


Wrapping Up


Currently, almost 64% of customer care personnel are primarily focused on complicated issues, whilst chatbots address the minor ones. Conversational AI will handle most of the customer support process in the long term for the customer service journey. If you’re still skeptical over AI stealing jobs, consider how it may streamline a whole team that spends huge amounts of time performing basic and routine tasks, being able to focus on more challenging duties. Chatbots bring up a whole new world of possibilities for humans, allowing them to accomplish far more than just manual work. They are the catalysts for overcoming today’s and tomorrow’s consumer engagement obstacles. The times to act quickly is now and attain competitive advantage with enhanced customer experience powered by chatbots.

Techminds delivers unique AI assistance that can significantly increase customer satisfaction for retail companies. Our AI retail chatbots are tailored as per each client’s needs, employing the most innovative AI and machine learning technologies to automate, enhance, and speed up the customer journey.

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