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Data Analytics: Dealing with the Ethical Dimension of Data

Companies can adopt seamless data analytics and can maintain data privacy


Data Analytics: Dealing with the Ethical Dimension of Data

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The new age of data has opened unlimited doors to the aspect of analytics. Hundreds of organizations across the globe are looking at building something substantial by leveraging data to their benefit. It is undoubtedly a fact that businesses which are data driven are more likely to prosper than the ones which are not. Also, various researches show that not all companies which are data-oriented have the propensity to analyze and adopt insights than will ensure success. Another challenge that comes in the way is the concern of privacy and ethical use of data for the same. Analytics not always leads to using data ethically and its ethical use may not go hand in hand with sound analytics.

What are the ways in which a company can use data analytics for better prospects? Also, how can a company participate in data protection, minimizing data breaches?

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3 ways in which companies can adopt seamless data analytics:

1.Web analytics:

It is essential to create the right user experience for any business to flourish. With the humongous transformation in on-the-go browsing and consumption of information, identifying digital footprints is the key. We focus on offering user-friendly access conveniently at any given point in time. Thus, web analytics is an inevitable aspect of digital transformation.

2.Prioritizing KPIs:

Data analytics is incomplete without prioritizing key performance indicators (KPIs). As we know that KPIs depend on data, these easily enable companies to track progress based on their targets. Since, these KPIs facilitate business behavior, impacting the organization’s overall growth, these should be aligned with business goals on priority. This will surely help any company to achieve their objectives with success.

3. The right tools:

Companies like Techminds offer the required analytics tools, ensuring businesses in having the right data analytics insights. It is evident that simply implementing data analytics solutions would not be enough. Since data is generated based on user interaction, therefore, businesses should keep the focus toward people.

3 ways in which data privacy can be maintained

1.One platform for all interactions:

One effective way of maintaining privacy of users or at least preventing potential breach is to host all interactions in one platform. There are numerous organizations or applications that make this possible. One single location of user interactions helps them to minimize the risk of security issues. Users can go for platforms that have encryptions to store data, which never becomes a threat. Statistics show that more and more users are comfortable in using platforms that integrate their interactions, offering protection from disclosure of their information.

2.Keeping user identity anonymous:

Another advantage of end-to-end encryptions can be to protect users’ privacy by keeping their identities, anonymous. The anonymity not only allows users to browse or interact without any insecurity, it also allows for a greater level of trust in terms of continued usage of these platforms. Companies can very easily cement data security, thus engaging in innovative user interactions. Thus, ensuring growth in technology along with security is absolutely possible.

3.Adhering to GDPR:

Automating data governance is the need of the hour. Breakthrough milestones such as the General Data Protection Regulation of EU automatically grant complete control of personal information to users. Enterprises that are offering groundbreaking technological solutions adhere to GDPR for the safety of users as well as the greater good of the company.

Thus, a world that is predominantly influenced by data needs ethical indulgence at the level of organizations. As essential as data classification is for the tracking and progress of a company’s digital footfall, it is only wise to be a part of an ecosystem that ethically navigates through data. Hence, it is important that you choose the right enterprise for your digital solutions to avoid risk, garnering long term collaborations with them. After all, satisfied users are the ones who generate this data for companies to embark on the journey of their digital glory.


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