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Modern IT Delivers Knowledge, Competitive Edge to Manufacturers

Provide the information accessibility needed at every step by the manufacturing process

Modern IT Delivers Knowledge, Competitive Edge to Manufacturers

The manufacturing sector is fast-paced and competitive. Successful manufacturers are able to leverage information technology (IT) to their advantage, not only streamlining operations, but also delivering the information needed to manage resources, control costs and protect profit margins. Under pressure to improve operations, satisfy customer needs and generate profits—the right technology is essential to remaining competitive in a challenging marketplace.

Leading companies have long recognized that IT plays an integral role in creating transformative business experiences. As discussed in “Streamlining Manufacturing Operations Using IT,” a white paper, connecting data, people and processes drives enterprise-wide communication and coordination. This results in faster response times, improved on-time deliveries, stronger resource management, and streamlined interactions with business partners, including customers and suppliers. Manufacturers that deploy enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are able to capture and deliver the very data that business leaders need to make stronger decisions, such as forecasting product demand and production, improving plant performance, and reducing operational and administration costs.

Improve Performance, Collaboration and Drive Growth With Cloud-Based ERP

Many manufacturers are now choosing to extend IT services by migrating to cloud solutions. As noted in the white paper, over 50% of manufacturing departments are aiming to ramp up enterprise use of cloud services. ERP systems in the cloud further optimize data management and collaboration. A robust system, such as the subscription-based Microsoft Dynamics365 platform, delivers more value to manufacturers through greater flexibility, reduced costs, and provides the tools needed to improve performance and strengthen collaboration across the entire enterprise

Manufacturing operations can be complex, requiring many mechanisms to achieve control and visibility. However, a modern cloud-based ERP solution will provide the information accessibility needed at every step of the manufacturing process. Cloud-based ERP offers:

  1. Flexibility: Manufacturers can easily add or change modules to ensure that capabilities remain aligned with business needs.
  2. Scalability: Cloud services can be scaled up to meet peak operational and resource demands or scaled back down when needed.
  3. Reduced costs: Cloud services are maintained by a cloud provider, allowing you to reduce IT staffing and licensing costs and save money on expensive equipment purchases and maintenance.

Turn your IT system into the business advantage needed to thrive in today’s fast-paced, competitive marketplace. Download the white paper and contact Techminds Group for guidance with choosing the business solution that will support your unique operational needs and deliver the data needed to drive strong growth


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