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Microsoft Dynamics empowers distributors to create a strong global footprint

Enterprises operating in the spaces of manufacturing,distribution and retail

Microsoft Dynamics empowers distributors to create a strong global footprint

The distribution sector is facing challenges in the wake of digital transformations and global competition due to the increasing interconnectedness of the world. Businesses need to adapt and adopt to the changing dynamics. Tools and technologies form the backbone of business efficiencies and the distribution industry is no exception.

Download the Distribution Whitepaper to get a detailed insight on how distribution businesses are leveraging the advantages of enterprise-wide integrated solutions to enhance communication and coordination between processes, functions, and geographies and in turn propelling their efficiency to unprecedented levels.

Microsoft Dynamics is a set of solutions that cater to all the facets of an enterprise. For organizations engaged in the distribution industry, a major portion of the costs is the creation of processes that can track shipping and inventory movement, for instance. Microsoft Dynamics has robust solutions that can cater to all aspects of the organization, from back-end to front-end. ERP and CRM solutions can be seamlessly integrated with existing software products like Microsoft Office 365 for a deeper insight and tighter control across the board.

Microsoft Dynamics is definitely proving to be a strong choice that brings in the advantages of smooth flows across daily operations of a distribution network. The full spectrum of services includes Dynamics AX, GP, NAV and CRM. These are specialized offshoots of the ERP technology and are becoming the preferred choices for enterprises operating in the spaces of manufacturing, distribution, and retail, amongst others.

Some of the advantages that Microsoft Dynamics brings are:

  • Boost communication channels

A single suite of integrated solutions across the organization enhances smooth communication amongst team members, suppliers, and customers, with updated and real-time information available transparently and accurately to all the participating entities. This promotes trust and relationship-building, which works out to become a major advantage over the long run.

  • Worthy assets

Reliability and productivity are the backbones of a distribution business. With flawless integration between all Microsoft products, it is ensured that gaps are quickly addressed and the real focus shifts to building trust and improving productivity. This empowers the employees with the information to engage with the customer, amongst themselves, and with management.

  • Lean inventory management

The inventory management can be now planned and tracked more efficiently across multiple warehouses. This can lead to more accurate planning and forecasting, based on actual needs of the customers. Inventory is capital-intensive; thus, a lean inventory helps bring down costs without compromising on the quality of service and value to customers.

  • Single dashboard for a holistic view

The integrated software on the ground can now feed in real-time onto unified dashboards on the screens of those who need to manage and track progress, cutting through remote and wide-spread locations. This is a significant and practical ally for the decision-makers and the leaders in the entire organization.

  • Manage IT investments with flexible deployment

Microsoft Dynamics has effective variants across in-premises and cloud models, helping you to augment your existing IT infrastructure in your unique setup. Customizations that suit your specific needs are possible with their complete range of solutions. Applications and platforms are adapted to help you get the benefits of flexible deployment options, in a bid to optimize your IT investments to yield better performance through increased interconnectedness.

  • Business Intelligence

Real-time reports can be pulled out on demand as well as periodic reports that show metrics from end-to-end. With better insights and increased business intelligence, you can make informed decisions and take actions that align with your strategic business goals.

As discussed in the whitepaper, smartIT solutions from the Dynamics suite can significantly bring down costs, reduce inefficiencies, promote sharing of data and streamline flow between functions of a distribution business. The synergy of people, systems, inventory, distribution, procurement, financial management, CRM and other business processes enable companies to have clear visibility in real-time.Download the white paper by Techminds Group to gain understanding on how to use the latest technology to enable your business to scale new heights of success.


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