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Cloud Enablement Program for SMBs

Adopt the power of the cloud via our specialised Cloud Enablement program

Cloud Enablement Program for SMBs

The days when companies had to account for huge portions of their investment costs in IT in order to leverage the power of technology into their systems are now rapidly becoming obsolete. This is due to the cloud technology that allows every aspect of the digital systems to be accessed by businesses via remote connections. As a result, the actual service is offered and managed by a third-party service provider.

Whether an SMB would like to outsource its backend systems or its front-end applications or even the staff collaboration tools, everything can be delivered via the cloud. The cloud computing environment is a backbone that takes away the botheration of hardware, software, maintenance, upgrade, storage and networking needs for the smooth functioning of an enterprise’s core systems.

SMB’s today can leverage many benefits via cloud enablement. Some of these include:

  • Business Anywhere

Since one can access core services via the cloud from the internet, the staff of the organization is free to use mobility to continue work from anywhere.

  • Reduced Costs

The IT investment goes down significantly as one can simply hire the cloud services to incorporate them into the organizational processes. Pay-per-use models ensure that it is quite cost-effective as well. SMB’s get technical experts as and when needed without paying to full-time hires.

  • Flexibility

Due to cloud outsourcing, key staff and resources of the organization can get freed up to contribute to other capabilities of the business.

  • Scalability

Cloud works on sure-shot repeatability model. This translates into smooth scaling up and scaling down of services for organizations as their needs may change dynamically. At the same time, it ensures that there is similar standardization of processes across all locations around the globe.

  • Maintenance Simplified

Maintenance costs go down significantly as the cloud service provider maintains the software as a robust system, with latest updated versions. The deployment and integration costs are reduced a great deal.

  • Innovation& Growth

The integration of many systems via cloud allows businesses to experiment and try out new innovations and products as they can pick and choose sub-components without revamping the entire ecosystem.

  • Security

The underlying systems have tight security protocols and systems like auto disaster-recovery systems and secure centralized location of sensitive data.

The omnipresent cloud cover

It is no surprise then, that many industry verticals are now migrating to the cloud. These include the education sector where schools can use virtual classrooms, students can use learning materials and even MS-Office type of traditional desktop applications via thin clients. Banking systems can become more agile and go to remote banking locations via virtual desktop applications, for instance. Manufacturing and distribution industries can enable remote monitoring and streamline their various operations delivered seamlessly via the cloud. Healthcare can bring benefits to their customers at low costs using the cloud for say remote medical expert consultancy or even online appointment and registrations. Pharmacy companies are able to help customers acquire medicines at much lower costs due to the savings they make. Cloud-based analytics can help energy and oil & gas sector using live data from the ground. Retail shopping is becoming a whole new experience with innovations such as checking out how clothing will fit without the actual trial, using virtual mapping. Drones in construction connected via the cloud are empowering builders to create 3D drone mapped models for real-time progress analysis.

Irrespective of the sector, cloud enablement can help all types of organizations gain a solid foothold in the market and get a competitive edge in their digital transformation journey. Whether it is the legacy CRM, ERP, office collaboration systems, or the mobile applications, everything can be seamlessly moved on to the cloud.

In fact, there are many cloud platforms like AWS, Salesforce, Google and Microsoft. The beauty of the suite of services by Microsoft is that it is an end-to-end service, with the basic backbone being the AZURE Platform. This includes Office 365, Dynamics NAV, CRM, and custom-built software and apps.

A smooth journey

Your business has unique needs which require tailor-made selections and solutions. We, at Techminds, can help you adopt the power of the cloud via our specialised Cloud Enablement Program. We will help you identify your own requirements through a healthy engagement process of initial discovery. Then, we can demonstrate the best-fit cloud solution for you via a measurable prototype. We can build trial systems for you and once you are satisfied, go live with round-the-clock support.

Give us a chance to be your IT ally and partner as you transition to the cloud and start a fresh stint with advanced practices of the latest technology.


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