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Lightning-fast, in-memory processing for real-time data analytics

SAP & HANA Consulting Services

HANA is a reinvented, groundbreaking new platform that transfers all data processing into memory, resulting in orders of magnitude faster data processing speeds across transactional and analytic systems.  This enables advanced real-time insights, analytics, and decision-making. SAP HANA captures company’s data and puts it to use for them, optimizing operations, reducing mistakes, and giving advantages to clients, customers, and workers, owing to its fast in-memory computing and real-time data analytics backed by machine learning.We have the experience and certified skills across strategy, evaluation, implementation, and support since we have a dedicated team of HANA-technology focused professionals throughout solution offerings.

What we offer:

  • Maintain the emphasis while performing a detailed investigation into the start-up mentality to extract convergence on cross-platform integration.
  • Intelligent migration services with little company effect include planning, future system design, testing, and implementation.
  • Micro-offerings that enable continuous process-centric enhancements to boost business operational efficiency and profitability while requiring minimal business investment
  • Industry-focused solutions that provide value across all processes and lines of business meet complete end-to-end services for the maintenance, improvement, and administration of hybrid-environment applications.

Technologies/Solutions Offered

Techminds combines industry expertise and SAP functional experience to deliver SAP solutions that are fine-tuned for your industry. We meet the business challenges faced by organizations operating within your sector with proven, industry-ready solutions.

  • SAP Support & Managed Services
  • SAP Analytics on PowerBI / Tableau
  • SAP ECC to SAP HANA Migration
  • Customization in SAP – TCS, TDS, E-Invoicing, Eway Bill, GST Automations.

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