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Performance and Accessibility Testing

To validate the functionality, performance, quality & other vital aspects of a software.

Performance Testing and Automation

The goal of software testing is not only just to find bugs but also for quality assurance in terms of performance and security. Software Testing is the most important phase in the Software Development Life Cycle. It is a crucial step that determines the final output. Today, companies are always under constant pressures to deliver high-quality products. Early and timely detection of application defects can result in huge time and cost savings for any Organization. TGL is equipped with the best tools and the talent staff to accomplish the testing mission for your application/product. We can do black box testing and white box testing based on your requirements and follow agile process for a complete software testing automation.

We have expertise in QTP, Selenium, WebDriver, Security Testing, LoadRunner and many more testing tools that can follow our testing lifecycle approach for a flawless application/product.

Software & application testing is considered to be crucial by enterprises all over the globe. It is one such activity that validates the functionality, performance, quality & other vital aspects of a software. But, with the ever-increasing codebase and added functionality, manual testing is turning laborious, inefficient & costly day-by-day. To avoid such issues, manual testers are rapidly switching to test automation, which automates necessary tasks & functions in detail to increase their quality & effectiveness. Other benefits of automation testing services are:

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