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Focused on enabling sustainability and ensuring a good return on investment

Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain & CRM

ERP is defined as “Enterprise Resource Planning” software that acts as a single source of information for all business processes and data. It’s all about integration. For example, data related to Customer management for sales &marketing, job and costing, manufacturing, supply chain management etc. can all be integrated on a single platform. Why would you need an ERP system? Because you want to cut on overheads like redundancy and better control your business processes. However, many businesses don’t really understand the “Why’s and How’s” of employing an ERP system. The worst-case scenario is that many businesses are not even aware of what a full functional business software ERP system is.

With today’s expanding technology, Companies want a more singular based solution that is affordable, comprehensive, and can grow when they need it without overhauling existing procedures. Gone are the days where an ERP-Systems would cost a fortune or might complicate the entire operations with a new software system and thus some try to avoid it. Today’s intelligent ERP solutions empowers employees and organizations with the ability to obtain a unified view of inventory, warehouse, manufacturing, service, finance, CRM, human resources with predictive analytics that turn data into insights to support better strategic decisions.

Today’s ERP is focused on enabling sustainability and ensuring a good return on investment. Many companies fail to deal with their unexpected curve of growth, thus, missing out on growth opportunities. There is a misunderstanding that ERP system customization costs a fortune or might complicate the entire delivery of the software system and would thus try to avoid it. In fact, most companies require a certain level of alterations to cater to their workflow processes. Instead of changing the operational flow in the company to fit the software package, the ERP solution should complement and improve the productivity and efficiency of your company.

ERP can cover a lot of company functions, but some of the main business processes include:
Customer Relationship Management add remove

Let’s start with the basics. Are customers asking you for quotes and estimates and you are still on Excel?   CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and every organization should have one and keep available all prospecting information and communication between you and your customers and prospects.

Finances add remove

Modern ERP offers dashboards that give you an overview of your finances, so you can tap into the real-time information anytime and anywhere. It should also help you cut down on entering information manually by automating daily tasks and include tracking abilities that help with your business’s regulatory compliance.

Human resources add remove

Modern solutions offer ways to manage company data and streamline employee management tasks like payroll, hiring, and other duties. You could also track employee performance and identify HR problems before they happen.

Manufacturing add remove

This function improves business communication, automates daily processes, and offers manufacturers the ability to fulfill customer needs and manage resources by accessing real-time data. This solution also optimizes project and cost management as well as production planning and plant maintenance.

Supply chain add remove

If your company is still entering information by hand and trying to track down inventory in your warehouse, you can easily save time and money by automating these processes with ERP. Modern solutions also offer dashboards and business intelligence to help you get a handle on your inventory management.

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