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    Microsoft Azure and Healthcare

    The intersection of cloud computing and healthcare will only continue to grow, make sure you’re equipped with the right solutions.

    Cloud computing carries major benefits for healthcare, but also considerable risks. The worldwide shift toward EHRs and greater utilization of patient data to inform better courses of treatment would not be possible without the cloud and its storage capabilities, flexibility and ease of access. However, its strength is also a relative weakness, the more people able to access records could also include malevolent actors who may attempt to breach your services and network. That’s why it’s crucial to know what specific healthcare needs there are for cloud computing tools.

    Download our white paper “Microsoft Azure and Healthcare” to learn more about:

    • HIPAA mandates and how systems must comply
    • Continuity features for access and collaboration across the spectrum of care
    • Optimization and further benefits like actionable insights mined from data

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